Strativity Launches Comprehensive Journey Management Education Hub within Touchpoint Dashboard

Posted On July 27, 2017
By Andrew McInnes

The world’s premier Customer Experience consultancy, Strativity Group, Inc., launches the Journey Management Education Hub within Touchpoint Dashboard.

NEW JERSEY, July 27, 2017 –Strativity Group, Inc., the world’s leading customer experience consultancy, announces the launch of the Journey Management Education Hub (JME Hub) to provide a one-stop shop for training users of Touchpoint Dashboard. The JME Hub enables users to search and watch over 50 videos that are tailor-made to develop the skills needed to evolve to journey management within Touchpoint Dashboard.

“Touchpoint Dashboard is a very flexible and powerful Journey Management platform. The JME Hub features education that is easy to find, navigate, and absorb in both article and video format,” stated Touchpoint Dashboard’s Chief Product Officer Peter Haid. “Whether you’re new to journey mapping or a proven professional, the Journey Management Education Hub is your new home for:

• Expert articles in a curriculum organized around common problems journey mappers face
• Over 50 videos that show users, click-by-click, how to execute the solutions to these problems
• Quick, in-app access to a live team to provide answers to any questions that still remain.”

Haid adds: “Our goal is to make sure the tools and methods are easy to understand so that users can focus on the benefits to journey management and not fall short of their execution goals.”

Lior Arussy, President and CEO of Strativity, adds, “The education provided by Strativity is the best in the marketplace because we care about the details. We care to make sure our clients have the education to get past the why and how of journey management. Whether learning occurs in our immersive Journey Management Academy workshops or directly in their browsers, we’re here to serve today’s emerging journey management professionals.”

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