Strativity Touches Down in Australia with Pareto Fundraising JMA Course

Posted On February 14, 2018
By Peter Haid

Strativity’s Touchpoint Dashboard touched-down for a historic week “Down Under” in Australia this week.

The Touchpoint Dashboard touch-down was recorded for posterity in this Australian recreation of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover, shot in picturesque Glebe, Sydney.

Pareto Fundraising, a direct response fundraising agency that helps charities raise vital funds for providing services, commenced the ground-breaking new program to map Australian donor journeys this week, using the world’s leading journey management platform, Strativity’s Touchpoint Dashboard.

One of the leading voices in supporting Australia’s not-for-profit sector, Pareto CEO – Dearne Cameron, identified, early on, that many charities were looking for greater depth in the way that they connect with their donors and journey mapping brings the experience to life.

In an interview earlier this week, Dearne restated, a great way of understanding donors and improving retention is through ‘journey management’. “When a charity can identify it’s micro-journey opportunities, those specific interactions that increase value, it can begin the journey to bring greater donor loyalty through the customer experience … one moment of truth at a time”.  Dearne who joined of the Pareto team in 2017, brings more than 18 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector with applied expertise in leadership, organisational behaviour, operations and engagement.


Peter Haid – Chief Product Officer, Touchpoint Dashboard responded to the challenge laid out by Dearne.  He hopped on a plane and headed for “down under” earlier this week.

Peter announced, “It has been a life-long dream of mine to work with Aussie customers. But regardless of where they are in the world, customers and employees simply want transparency from the companies they deal with … especially when things go wrong.  Excellence awaits the few, brave companies who pledge never to hide … and Pareto is certainly one of those brave companies”.  Peter, a recognized customer experience practitioner, leads the global Touchpoint Dashboard and Journey Management Academy teams in helping customers, like Pareto, redesign and actively manage their customer journeys.

In Peter’s words “We recognised that many CX professionals needed a software tool that overcame the inadequacies of post-it notes adhered to wall posters.  Touchpoint Dashboard completely transforms customer journey mapping to Journey Management – from static wall posters to dynamic documents with action planning”.

Strativity’s Touchpoint Dashboard, the world’s leading customer journey mapping platform, includes a task management feature (free to all multiple license clients). Task management enables journey mappers to assign action items and tasks to touchpoints, teams, or individuals and is supported by email alerts and calendar tracking.

Long-regarded as the thought leader in the global CX space, Strativity Group acquired the assets of Touchpoint Dashboard’s leading SaaS journey mapping platform in 2015. Peter reflected, “Touchpoint Dashboard’s assets were acquired by Strativity in an effort to provide access to not only the best technology for journey mapping, but also the experience of the world’s leading customer experience consultancy.  Now clients can enjoy the best of both worlds. They can develop and manage journeys on their own knowing they have access to Strativity, the world leader in CX transformation, with experience in more than 200 customer centric transformations, in 21 countries, impacting over 600 million customers and 1 million employees”

Leading the Touchpoint Dashboard business “down under” is James Usback – GM Touchpoint Dashboard Australia.

“We are thrilled to be charting new directions with Pareto and other pioneering Aussie clients”.

“Just like the Beatles did back in 1969, Pareto is creating history.  Pareto is the first Not for Profit in Australia to be journey management certified through our Journey Management Academy.  We thought it would be valuable and fun to capture that historic moment with our own photo.  

And there is a simple connection … Pareto is using Touchpoint Dashboard to map each step of their customer’s journeys, one step at a time”. 

Well done to all those that got certified and what a great way to help their customers cross the road and make the transition from Journey Mapping to Journey Management.

** The original 1969 Beatles Abbey Road picture featured the four Beatles walking across a zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios.  It has become one of the most famous and imitated images in the history of popular music.

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