“Customer Experience is not just about

passion. It is about profitable results.”

~Lior Arussy

Timeless Tuesday: Customer Experience Role Models

Posted: Nov 24, 2015 by Brianne Spinelli

Final Timeless Tuesday

Timeless Tuesday is an opportunity to highlight classic Strativity expertise. While the methods of delivering exceptional Customer Experiences are ever-evolving, the core ideals, messages, and concepts behind them will be relevant for years to come.

From an interview with Lior Arussy, November 2012

You are a role model for many customer experience professionals. Can you tell us who your role models are?

It’s difficult for me to think of only one, because there really are so many. My role models are the flight attendants and the hotel reception staff who decide to smile sincerely and show they care. My role models are the ones who endure difficult work and still find the time and willingness to take the extra step and take care of their customers. I’ve encountered hundreds of them throughout my travels and I love feeling like they appreciate me and care about my well-being.

That is the essence of Exceptionalize It! Life is not just about the “big stuff” we accomplish; we are really the sum total of the small things we do every day. When we think about things in that way, we begin to realize how much of an impact we can have on each other.