Touchpoint Dashboard Completely Transforms Customer Journey Mapping into Journey Management through Addition of Action Planning

Posted On November 3, 2015
By Marketing

Within days of its acquisition by Strativity Group, Touchpoint Dashboard releases new features to transform maps from static to dynamic documents


Touchpoint Dashboard, the leading customer journey mapping platform announces the release of a new task management feature free to all multiple license clients. Task management enables journey mapping practitioners to assign action items and tasks to touchpoints, teams or individuals. The system enables email alerts and calendar tracking.

“This new feature moves our customers from journey mapping to journey management”, says Touchpoint Dashboard Director, Peter Haid. “We were already allowing users to share their journey mapping efforts across virtual teams, but now we’ve given CX professionals the tools to increase accountability with their stakeholders right in the platform. I can speak from experience that this solves one of the biggest challenges to mapping with post it notes.”

Task management was released live to clients who have 3 or more licenses on October 30th and Touchpoint Dashboard has received positive response from customers. Our customers are excited by the new features we have released and plan to release in the coming months,” said Haid. “We have seen a groundswell of new business which confirms for us that journey management continues to be relevant to organizations as they move to better serve and understand their customers.”

As a “thank you” to customers, Strativity’s Touchpoint Dashboard will make Task Manager available at no additional charge to all 3+ multi-license customers in 2015.



Touchpoint Dashboard is a powerful, yet easy to use web-based journey management platform. It is an important part of a company’s customer experience strategy and supports continuous improvement initiatives. It gives organizations the power to easily Map, Analyze, Manage & Present the customer experience.